Everything you need to jumpstart your online presence and get connected to your community.

Designed to be Device Agnostic

Computers, Netbooks (are those still a thing?), Mobile phones, Tablets, Phablets. The landscape of internet ready devices is changing more rapidly than ever. We’re here to help you keep up.

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Edit Content Like You're Writing Email

Writing and editing content shouldn’t be painful. It should be a quick task you complete to move on to other things. Our platform is built on an award-winning CMS that we know you’ll love.

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With Stripe™ Processing Donations are Stress Free

We prefer Stripe™ because of their robust development cycle and commitment to easy integration and payment acceptance. Their system is pain free for devs and users.

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Our church website was in need of some attention. The team at HandsRaised helped get us started. The site is super easy to update too! We couldn't be more pleased. 

Grace Bible Church

From the Pulpit to iTunes in No Time

Our system generates the XML file needed for iTunes podcasts. With HandsRaised it is as easy as uploading your latest sermon to the CMS. We want you to be free to be with your community, not troubleshooting podcast uploads.

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