Why HandsRaised?

After years of seeing churches struggle with below average websites we've launched HandsRaised, a website-as-a-service company that aims to provide above average websites for churches dedicated to excellence. We understand the struggles churches have with keeping up with trends in web design. We also understand the budget constraints most churches are under and decided to provide a service that gives smaller churches a web presence that is current for a price that does not take away from their mission of helping people live life to the fullest.

We called our business HandsRaised because in the church there is a lot of good that happens when people raise their hands. Whether it be in worship, notification of acceptance or as a way of saying they willingly take on a role, we want to help affect that in your church. We want the service we provide you to be a catalyst to greater things where people are worshipping in a fuller way, volunteering to take on the tasks needing completion, or raising their hands in acceptance that Christ is their Lord and Savior. If we can affect those things in the tiniest of ways then we've succeeded.